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A non-profit organization whose focus is on soccer referee education and training.

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Announcement: Monthly Meeting – October 14th via Zoom Webinar

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Game Reports

All game reports will be entered via Game Report Entry System from this site.

Supplemental Reports

Supplemental reports must be written for all red cards, injuries and unusual situations. You must use the USSF Supplemental form.

If you are not sure how to imput game reports, please watch Alan’s instructional video by clicking here!!

Critical Information

Referee Assault Procedure:

If you felt you were assualted during a match, you must follow this the procedure that is in the Referee Information below.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Meeting: October 14, 2021

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Next Board Meeting: October 12th at 7:00 PM

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The organization serves its USSF registered Soccer Referee members in professional soccer and community matters. LISRA has set high standards for its members and for itself, as it continues to provide the finest refereeing services in the nation. LISRA officials stress sportsmanship and instill a character-building value system among players and spectators as they adhere to the high standards of the USSF Code of Ethics for referees.

Through the years, LISRA has always focused on its original purpose…to service the needs of the youth of Long Island. It is in that context that LISRA has provided several important leaders in the officiating community, many of whom attained recognition at the local, state, national and international levels.

Referee Information

2021 Referee Recertification will begin soon!  Recertification has changed significantly as ENY is solely responsible for the recertification process.  As part of the recertification you must attend a 4-hour class at which point you will receive your 2021 badge upon completion.

Please go to the following link to start the process https://enysra.gameofficials.net/public/class/classSearch.cfm?classTypeID=3425

Once you have selected the class you want to register for please logon to gameofficials and follow the instructions for payment and to take the mandatory 25 question test.  As a reminder if you are 18 years or older you must have taken and passed the Safesport learning course before being allowed to attend the class.  YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO THE CLASS IF YOU HAVE NOT PASSED THE SAFESPORT REQUIREMENTS.

You can access the online training by following the link http://safesport.org/authentication/register?token=ee57337f-31f9-421d-b095-82fc8c8c4c41. It is about 90 minutes in length and is free utilizing access code YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M.

How are assignments done?

To get assigned to game you will need to register with the various referee assigning systems for the leagues in your area. LISRA can help you identify what system you need to be in and who the assigners are.

The assigners use a lot of differnt criteria when decising what referee should be assigned to a particular game. These include:

  • Experience – how many years you have refereed and the types of games you have done.
  • Temperament – how well you handle heated games.
  • Age – your age versus the age of the players.
  • Coaches Ratings – these are provided by the coaches after every game you do. The assigners will look how both coaches saw the game.

The following is the procedure that MUST be followed in the event of an assault on a referee:

  • If the game is in progress, the referee IMMEDIATELY terminates the contest. Under NO circumstances is the game to be completed.
  • If a person with a pass (coach/player/trainer) was involved, and the referee can safely do so, display the red card. Again, if safety permits, after retaining the offender(s) card(s), the referee may return the others unless local rules require the referee to retain all passes (using an intermediary is a good method to avoid any further problems). However, even if the referee cannot display the red card or retain the passes, a Supplemental Game Report still is to be submitted detailing the assault and the misconduct (dismissal/send off).
  • If contact was of a nature that a crime was possibly committed (physical assault i.e. being struck, bumped, pushed, or spat on), the referee is to contact local law enforcement immediately and fill out a formal complaint at the venue. This way, any witnesses who can support the referee’s story will be on record with the police as well.
  • As soon as possible (preferably the same day) the referee is to contact the president of your local referee association, the SRA (Joe Brosi) Email:sra@enysreferee.org, the SYRA (Lee Suckle Phone: (516) 351-5799 Email:lee@suckle.net), and the ENY State Association President (Adult Game: Sal Rapaglia Phone: (917) 371-5188 Email:shopgirlar17@aol.com – Youth Game: Richard Chistano Phone: (718) 343-6619 Email:rchristiano@enysoccer.com). Contact Should be preferably be by phone.
  • Fill out a USSF Referee Game and Supplemental Report and submit to the proper State governing body (ENYYSA, ENYSASA) for the match. Be clear and complete, but calm and unemotional. Make NO recommendations or suggestions as to what you feel should be done. Simply state the facts. Be sure to send copies to all three individuals in step listed in Step 4.
  • Await contact by either by the SRA or State office about further proceedings. Be sure to proceed with any charges with local law enforcement.

Please note that these are ENY State Requirements and must be followed!!

Becoming a Grassroots Referee

A referee’s journey begins at the Grassroots level. U.S. Soccer Grassroots Referees are qualified to officiate competitive, small-sided or recreational youth matches and amateur adult matches.

For access to the course follow he following link: How To Become a Referee

Game Reports will be entered here!!

For instructions on how to enter a game report, click here!!

Long Island Junior, NY Club Soccer (NYCSL in level) and NY Club Open League

Age Group Duration Middle Game Fee AR Game Fee Ball Size
U20 2 x 45 $84 $43 #5
U19 2 x 45 $84 $43 #5
U18 2 x 45 $84 $43 #5
U17 2 x 45 $84 $43 #5
U16 2 x 40 $74 $38 #5
U15 2 x 40 $74 $38 #5
U14 2 x 35 $59 $31 #5
U13 2 x 35 $59 $31 #5
U12 2 x 30 $49 $26 #4
U11 2 x 30 $49 $26 #4
U10 2 x 25 $46 $24 #4
U9 2 x 25 $46 $24 #4

City Youth League (CYL in level)

Age Group Duration Middle Game Fee AR Game Fee Ball Size
U12 2 x 35 $59 $31 #4
U11 2 x 30 $49 #4
U10 2 x 30 $49 #4
U9 2 x 30 $49 #4

North Atlantic EDP (USYS in level)

Age Group Duration Middle Game Fee AR Game Fee Ball Size
U18-19 2 x 45 $90 $45 #5
U17 2 x 45 $90 $45 #5
U16 2 x 40 $80 $40 #5
U15 2 x 40 $80 $40 #5
U14 2 x 35 $70 $35 #5
U13 2 x 35 $70 $35 #5

LISRA Programs

Big Brother/Sister

Big Brothers and Sisters is program where experienced referees are paired with new referees to help them with their game management and mechanics.

Learn More


LISRA awards scholarships to a few students every year. The student or their parents must be a member of LISRA to qualify.

Learn More

Training Camps

Between seasons, LISRA will be providing training camps to work on physical conditioning and game mechanics.

Learn More

Tournament Assignments

Most tournaments on Long Island will use the LISRA staff to assign referees. These referees are members of LISRA.

Learn More

Laws of the Game Review

The Laws of the Game are always changing and some require interpretation. This review is a monthly video conference to review the proposed and latest changes to the Laws of the Game.

Video Training

Video of game situations are put together to allow members to sharpen their skills.

Personal Training

Physical conditioning is very important in managing soccer games. To that end, LISRA is putting together weekly workouts to help referees get and stay in shape.

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